Writing to a Prompt

Prompt #1: Write yesterday’s horoscope.

Mercury is in retrograde, dear Cancer, and Venus is looming in the 7th house. Things today may be a bit tricky with someone you care about. Give it some time, kindness, and honesty. Things will resolve of their own accord. Don’t push it, Crab, and don’t retreat into your shell to overthink it. Though your emotions may be out of sorts today, your finances won’t be! You will find a lucrative business proposition that holds the possibility of yielding enormous wealth! Invest wisely!


Prompt #2: Write a thank-you note for a weekend visit where everything went wrong.

Dear —,

I wanted to thank you so much for your hospitality over the weekend. I know some things didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, and I assure you that I will pay for all of the damages to your home. I am so incredibly sorry that I drank that bottle of Cabernet and fell asleep while filling the bathtub—and who could’ve guessed it would flood so badly that I’d break my leg getting out of the tub? Sliding across the tile floor was not on my to-do list for weekend activities. Thank you for calling the ambulance to take me to the hospital and following close behind as we headed to the emergency room. I still can’t believe an ice cream truck rear-ended you—it came out of nowhere!

Luck was not on our side this weekend, and as soon as I can regain the use of my right leg, I will help you clean everything. Please send me the bill for your home repair and your therapy appointments.


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