“Date Expectations”

Yesterday I read an article online about how the modern dating scene made the 22 year old author want to punch herself in the throat.

I agreed.

It wasn’t about the throat punching—I’m not about that life—but, I did agree about the dating scene. However, I’m 35, and I’m STILL dealing with the 22 year old stuff. I hated dating when I was 22, and I hate it even MORE now. I feel old writing this, but I was a 22 year old THIRTEEN years ago. In 2003. Thirteen years ago, text messaging wasn’t unlimited, the internet was slow, and there were no smart phones with social apps. In 2003, dating sucked way less. Here’s why: you had to go OUT to meet people….you weren’t home hiding behind a computer screen; you had to actually talk to those people in person (*gasp*); you had to stay connected with those people through actual phone conversations; if you didn’t feel a connection with the person, you had to tell them and be honest about it; there was no Netflix and chill.

I’ve noticed that even men my age have settled in to the lazy dating style of today. I get very few phone calls—just messages through texting and social media. Then there’s “ghosting”—when a guy doesn’t want to date you anymore, and instead of being a man about it and telling you honestly that he isn’t interested, he just cuts off all communication with you without any warning.

Just a few guidelines about dating me:

-No, I don’t want to “hang out” with you, fool. If you want to spend time with me, take me on a legit date. Coffee, dinner, the movies, bowling, whatever….

-Netflix is not a date. I’m done with the whole “Netflix and chill” type BS.

-I think the “wait three days” rule of communication is LAME. If I want to talk to you, I’m going to talk to you when I feel like it.

-Texting is great, but phone calls are good sometimes. I like to hear the voice of the person I’m dating. Geez. Is that too much to ask?

-If you “ghost” on me, expect me to call you out on it. I can handle the fact that you’re not interested, but I can’t handle a person leaving me wondering what’s going on or what I did wrong. Just be honest.

-I like clear cut relationship statuses. Don’t make me confused about what we are/where we’re at.

In conclusion, can men and ladies maybe tone down the douchebaggery? Make a date something more. Make it special, make it honest, and make it memorable in a good way–even if you don’t know if the relationship will last one week, one year, or one lifetime.

Your comments are appreciated!

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